A new world, feel it.

Higuerón Residences was born from the maximum expression of luxury and exclusivity. A project in which our clients will be able to enjoy the residential development adjacent to our Higuerón Hotel 5 * with all its services and where their investment is guaranteed with high profitability.

A project that ships 26 apartments and 6 villas surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and native vegetation of the area.


26 unique apartments design with finest sustainable materials. Maximum intimacy embraced by natural vegetation for each apartment to enjoy and relax in the private jacuzzi, while admiring views of the Mediterranean Sea and nature. The penthouses, follow thearchitectural design in the solariums, with pointed hexagonal shaped roofs to provide shade in the outdoor dining area blending in with the surrounding trees. Breathe in the fresh indigenous vegetation of the area while taking a relaxing swim in the private pool at the solarium.


Welcome to the villas, a natural scenery, which gives life to the architectural project from the first moment. Breathe, and relax from the infinity pool where you candive in, while admiring exceptional views of the centuriesold carob trees and the Mediterranean Sea. Immerse yourself into the pleasure of wellbeing, relaxation, and deep tranquillity in the private spa that awaits in your villa. Breathe in the wooden atmosphere, relax in the warm jacuzzi and sauna that will heighten your senses. Admire the outdoor nature from the comfort of the sunbeds, while the blue light from the pool dives in.

Av. del Higuerón, 48, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga

951 50 51 01